Frequently Asked Questions

I. Money & payments

A. Getting paid »
We send your money 24 to 48 hours after the ride if you travelled as planned. If you want your money sooner, you can ask for it 24 hours after the ride.
The money will arrive in your bank account within 1 to 5 working days (not counting weekends and holidays).
Make sure you’ve added your bank details on the Transfer methods page on your Profile.
You have to complete every field and don’t forget to save!
If you’re using PayPal, you’ll have your money within a few minutes of asking for the transfer.
We send your money 24 to 48 hours after the ride if you travelled as planned. You’ll get your money 1 to 5 working days (not counting weekends and holidays) after we send it.
If you don’t see any money in Awaiting transfers, it’s because we already sent it. You can check out what we’ve sent in your Transfer history
Enter and save the email address for your PayPal account on the Transfer methods page on your Profile.
Make sure PayPal is set as your Default transfer method. If you’ve already added your PayPal account, we send your money there 48 hours after the ride if you travelled as planned.
You can also tap Request transfer on the Awaiting transfer page 24 hours after the ride.
Keep in mind that when you add your PayPal account, it will automatically become your default transfer method.
Don’t have a PayPal account? Not to worry! Once you’ve asked for your money, you’ll receive an email from PayPal showing you how to set up your account.
Once you’re up and running with PayPal, you’ll have your money a few minutes after we send it or you ask for it.
You can change your Transfer method from the Transfer methods page on your Profile.
You always have the option of changing the bank or PayPal account where you’ll get your money. When you make changes to your bank or PayPal details, the most up-to-date method becomes your Default. You can only use one at a time.

B. Making payments »
We send your money 24 to 48 hours after the ride if you travelled as planned. If you want your money sooner, you can ask for it 24 hours after the ride.
The money will arrive in your bank account within 1 to 5 working days (not counting weekends and holidays).
Make sure you’ve added your bank details on the Transfer methods page on your Profile.
You have to complete every field and don’t forget to save!
If you’re using PayPal, you’ll have your money within a few minutes of asking for the transfer.
We’d like to reassure you that you haven’t been charged for this booking request. Instead, you can see an authorisation request on your bank statement. Don’t worry, it’ll disappear soon!
You may be asking yourself what an authorisation request is. Think of it as an imaginary conversation between us and your bank. We check with them that you have enough money in your account when you request a seat. Your bank then sets this money aside so that we can charge you when the driver accepts your booking.
As a reminder, we don’t charge you if a driver doesn’t accept your booking request or if you cancel your request before they have the chance to accept.
Absolutely! Paying for a ride online is ultra-secure.
We work tirelessly to make sure you can enter your payment details on Tanpool without any concern. Our site and apps are secure and encrypted, eliminating the possibility of anyone using your data even in the unlikely event that Tanpool is compromised.
There are two clues that indicate that it’s completely safe to pay on our site:
- A small padlock in the browser
- A secure URL (https://)
If you’re still feeling skeptical, you can always ask your bank for a “virtual” credit or debit card to pay online or book your seat using Paypal.
If you’re having trouble paying by card, make sure all the card info you entered is correct. If your payment still doesn’t work, your card may be expired or blocked from certain online payments. Check with your bank.
Right now you can pay with Mastercard and Visa debit or credit cards. If you don’t have one, it’s not uncommon to borrow one from a friend or relative. Or you can forget the card altogether and pay with PayPal! Find out how.
Here’s how to pay for your ride on PayPal:
- When you’re ready to book, select PayPal as your payment method
- You’ll be redirected to PayPal
- Connect to your account by entering your PayPal email address and password

Haven’t set up a PayPal account yet? That’s alright. Follow the prompts from PayPal to sign up.
Once you’ve logged into PayPal:
- Check the payment details and the amount
Happy with everything? Tap Pay Now.
You’ll then be automatically redirected to Tanpool, where you’ll see details about your booking and the driver’s phone number.
Everything will be confirmed by email too (by PayPal and Tanpool).
The service fee is 10% of the price of one ride the driver post or one parcel delivery service the driver selected to offer, for both party, for example one ride from las vegas to los angeles is 50 dollors, so the passenger need to pay 50×(1+10%)=55 dollors, for driver as they also need to pay 10% service fee, so eventually the amount of the ride arrive to driver's account will be 50×(1-10%)=45 dollors
Service fees exist to help cover the costs of keeping Tanpool up and running for our members. By charging service fees, we can employ a motivated team, which works everyday to improve the carpooling experience and parcel delivery service for a growing community.
They also help us insurance the security and speed of every element of our platform’s technology.
We send an email that can be used to justify your expenses immediately after you book online. Search for ‘Payment receipt for your booking’ in your inbox and you should be able to find it.
If you can’t find the email in your inbox, you should check that it didn’t slip into your spam folder.

C. Refunds »

Refunds and compensations depend on who can’t travel as planned and when they let us know.
- What if the passenger cancels more than 24 hours before departure time?
We’ll refund their booking, excluding service fees.
- What if the passenger cancels in the last 24 hours before departure time?
If the passenger books more than 24 hours in advance, we’ll refund them 50% of the booking, excluding service fees. We’ll also compensate the driver 50% because the passenger cancelled shortly before the ride.
If they book in the last 24 hours before the ride, but cancel within 30 minutes of booking, we’ll refund their booking, excluding service fees.
- What if the passenger doesn’t show up?
We’ll compensate the driver the full passenger contribution. It’s not fair for drivers to be kept waiting, so it’s best that passengers cancel their booking beforehand.
- What if the driver cancels?
We’ll fully refund the passenger, including service fees.
You’ll get your refund 1-5 weekdays (not counting weekends or holidays) after your booking is cancelled or your claim is solved.
We always refund you through the same card or payment method that you used to book. If you booked your seat using PayPal, it can take a bit longer to get your refund - 6 to 10 weekdays in fact. You can find out more about refunds through PayPal.
As a reminder, we always refund you based on our Cancellation policy.
Already been 5 weekdays and still not got your refunded? If you’re using a deferred debit card, you may get your refund at the end of the month. It can also take a bit longer for your money to reach you if your bank account is from outside of the United States
We’ll refund you by PayPal as long as you paid for your ride this way.
We always refund you through the same card or payment method that you used to book.
The Payments & refunds page on your Profile helps you keep track.
Be aware that it can take 6-10 weekdays (not counting weekends and holidays) depending on what payment method you use on your PayPal account.
You can change your Transfer method from the Transfer methods page on your Profile.
You always have the option of changing the bank or PayPal account where you’ll get your money. When you make changes to your bank or PayPal details, the most up-to-date method becomes your Default. You can only use one at a time.

II. Cancellations & no-shows

A. I'm a driver(offer seats and parcel delivery service) »

Can’t get in touch with your passenger? Take a quick look to make sure you have the right number.
We sent it to you by email and/or SMS when you accepted the booking.
Still no luck? Try sending them a message on Tanpool. To do so, head to your Rides and then select the passenger you want to contact. From this page, you can send them a message.
It happens, but we know how disappointing it can be. That’s why we compensate you for last minute cancellations. It’s even worse when someone doesn’t show up. You can open a claim by heading to your ride, selecting the passenger and reporting that you didn’t travel.
In either case, we’ll compensate you accordingly:

- My passenger cancels 24 hours before my ride leaves
We’ll make the seat available for new passengers, but you won’t be compensated. There’s still plenty of time for you to find another passenger.
- My passenger cancels less than 24 hours before my ride leaves
We’ll make the seat available for new passengers, and you’ll receive 50% of the booking, even if a new passenger books.
- My passenger doesn’t show up
When you let us know, we'll get to work on the claim. We give the passenger 7 days to agree or disagree with you to be fair. If it turns out the passenger was at fault, you’ll get 100% of the money, just as though you travelled with them.
It only takes a minute to delete or cancel your ride. Obviously it’s much easier if you don’t already have passengers. But either way, you can head to your Rides and find one you want to delete.
Pick a reason for your cancellation and take a quick moment to share any relevant details (only our Community Relations team will see this info). It’s totally fine if you can’t travel anymore, but to keep the awesome trust and love we have in our community, cancel online and let your passengers know ASAP. They’ll be grateful for the extra time to find another ride.

We’ll let them know about the cancellation by SMS and email.

You won’t be penalized for cancelling, but when drivers cancel regularly and/or at the last minute, we can suspend them from posting to keep Tanpool reliable.

B. I'm a passenger or I am looking for a parcel delivery service »

Aw shoot, can’t get in touch with your driver? First, take a quick look to make sure you got the number right.
We sent it to you by email and SMS when your booking was accepted. Still no luck? Try sending them a message on Tanpool To do so, head to Bookings and then select See booking details. From this page, you can message drivers directly.
If they’ve already started a conversation with you, just tap the envelope icon.

Still no reply?!

Yikes, we’re sorry. If there’s still some time before the ride leaves, then it might be worth waiting a bit to see if they get back to you. With different work/life schedules, it takes some people longer than others.
If you’re worried that your ride is approaching, you can cancel your booking and report that they’re unreachable. Don’t forget to include as many relevant details as possible so we can process your refund faster (we won’t share them with the driver).
You can cancel any booking from Bookings.

We know how quickly plans change, just cancel your booking as soon as you can. It’s easier for everyone. That’s also why your refund depends on when you cancel.
Here’s the breakdown:
- I cancel more than 24 hours before departure We’ll give you a full refund, excluding service fees.
- I cancel in the last 24 hours before departure We’ll refund you 50% of your booking, excluding service fees. However, if you book in the last 24 hours before the ride, but cancel within 30 minutes of booking, we’ll refund your booking, excluding service fees.

- I don’t show up We’ll compensate the driver your full contribution. We’ve worked out this Cancellation policy to be as fair as possible to drivers and passengers. If you cancel the day before or the same day, it’s harder for drivers to find new passengers to share their costs. That’s why we don’t refund the full amount at this point.
Regardless, the most important thing to do when you have to cancel is let drivers know. We’re all part of keeping carpooling a reliable way to travel.
You’ll get your money back, including service fees.
If they don’t cancel online, it’s important that you let us know (within 24 hours of when the departure time for the ride) that you didn’t travel as planned.

Here’s how:
- Before the planned leaving time, cancel from Bookings after, go to Booking History - Choose the relevant ride and select View ride.
- Tap Cancel and choose why from the drop down menu (we won’t share this with anyone).
If for whatever reason you didn’t travel as planned, just let us know online as soon as possible from the Bookings page.
Find the ride in question and select that you didn’t travel. Pick a reason and share any relevant details (don’t worry, we won’t share them).
We give the driver the chance to agree or disagree to be fair.
You have 24 hours from the time the ride was planned to leave, otherwise we assume everything went okay and pay the driver. That’s why it’s best to report that the ride didn’t happen as soon as possible.
If it turns out the driver was at fault, you’ll get a full refund.

III.Sign up & log in

A. Signing up »

You can use your Facebook account or email to sign up to Tanpool in seconds.
In fact, if you use your Facebook, it takes just one tap to create your Tanpool account. And even if you prefer to sign up with your email, you only have to enter your name, gender and birth year.
From the homepage, just go to Sign up, follow the instructions and you’re away!
Signing up on Tanpool is completely free!
It is mandatory to sign up if you wish to benefit from our services, which connects drivers and passengers and saves you money on your future travel plans.
Being a member of Tanpool enables you to offer seats or parcel delivery service in your vehicle and travel at the best price or send your parcel to thousands of destinations!
To sign up, you need to fill in all the necessary fields: last name, first name, date of birth, password and provide a valid email address.
Signing up via Facebook is not mandatory but makes the process easier and faster for you.
If the site indicates that your phone is already registered, it means it is already used on another profile. It is not possible to use the same phone number on different profiles.
If you forgot your password, click on "I’ve forgotten my password" in the identification window and follow the indicated steps
Tanpool has an internal messaging system, so you can communicate with the community through us, without ever disclosing your email publicly.
You will only ever receive emails from us
Facebook Connect allows you to sign up and then log in very easily and quickly on Tanpool by synchronizing the information of your Facebook account and the information required by Tanpool when creating your profile.

Faster to use Linking your account with Facebook allows you to connect to Tanpool in a single click
A reliable profile

Your Facebook account helps complete your profile and gives it more credibility. A profile connected to Facebook inspires trust and facilitates the organization of your rides.
You need to be over 18 to create a profile on Tanpool. However, if you have a teen who wants to travel, you can book a ride for them using your account.

Just a few very important things to do before booking:
- Contact the driver to make sure they’re comfortable taking them
- Agree on a specific place to pick them up and drop them off
- Make sure someone’s there to meet them at the end of the ride

Important! If a child under 13 wants to carpool, a parent or guardian needs to go with them. Go to our T&Cs (Article 4.2.3.) for more.

Logging in »

It’s easy as pie and fast as lightning. Go to Log in. Choose between your Facebook account and email.
Enter your login details. And you’re in!
You can select the Remember me option to stay logged in for next time.
All is not lost! Here you can create a new password if you’ve forgotten your old one.

Just enter the email you use for Tanpool and we’ll send an email with a link to change your password.
Can’t find the email? Try checking your spam, you never know!
Please log in, then click on “Profile” in the drop-down menu, then on the “Password” tab you will find on the left hand side of the page, or click here, directly.

To change your password, simply enter your current password, then the new password of your choice, confirm it and click on Save.
We recommend you choose a password you can easily remember.
If you can’t log in, there are a few things you can check.
Logging in with your Facebook account? Make sure you’re connected to the same Facebook account you signed up with.
Trying to get in with your email address? Make sure it’s the email you used for your Tanpool account, and try your password again.
Can’t remember which of your passwords you used for your Tanpool account? No stress! Go to Forgot password, enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to choose a new one.
First of all, make sure you’re entering the right one. We can all lose track of which password we use for which site!
If you’re sure that you’re trying to log in with the right one on our website, clear your cache and cookies then try again.

Using our app? If you’ve got an iPhone, try reinstalling it. If you’ve got an Android, go to the settings of your phone follow and these steps:
Applications -> Tanpool -> Storage -> Clear data
Still unable to log in? Get in touch, explain what’s going on and we’ll be happy to help.
You can activate or deactivate the Facebook Connect option in a single click from the verification tab of your Profile.

IV.Profile & account

A. Completing my profile »

It’s your chance to add a personal touch to your Profile. Mention things like your profession, hobbies, likes/dislikes or be more specific about what kind of ride you prefer (quiet or karaoke!) and one reason why you carpool.
A bio is a conversation starter. Increasing trust between members.

Helping you learn about someone before hitting the road. A little extra info goes a long way towards putting people at ease.
To access your Preferences from your Dashboard, you can click on "Modify your preferences" link situated under your profile photo, or by clicking on the Profile tab.
This function is also accessible from the drop-down menu by clicking on your first name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Modify your preferences
· Do you love music, or prefer silence?
· Does cigarette smoke disturb you?
· You agree to transport a pet?

Say it, by choosing the pictogram which corresponds to your personality!
From your Dashboard, you can update all of your information at any time:

Your Profile:
· Your personal information (which you chose when you signed up).
· Your profile photo
· Your preferences
· Your verifications (telephone and email)
· Information on your vehicle if you offer rides
· Your postal address

Your account:
· Your payments
· The management of your notifications
· Social sharing
· Your password
· The option to close your account
If you opted for Facebook Connect, the number of Facebook friends you have is displayed on your public profile.

This information, (which does not disclose the identity of your friends), allows:
· to increase the reliability of your profile and your information
· to indicate that you are active on social networks, which makes your profile even more trustworthy

B. My profile photo »

Tanpool is a site that connect drivers with available seats in their cars to passengers looking for a ride. It is very important, and reassuring, that members see what other members look like, especially so that we can recognize each other at the meeting point!

Passengers are much more likely to consult an offer from a driver whose profile photo is displayed. On average, members with a profile photo are contacted 3 times more than members who do not!
This is why we recommend that all of our members add a profile picture. Not only does it increase the percentage of completion of your profile, but it gives you more visibility! All it takes is 2 minutes to upload your photo, and make the carpooling process that much easier.

How do I add a Profile photo?
Add your photo by clicking on the following link: Add a photo
You can upload your photo in several different formats – jpeg, gif, or png (2MB maximum) by clicking on “Choose a photo” and selecting the file from your computer.

C. My email address »

We will send you an email with a link to follow, in order to verify that you can be reached at that address. It’s easy and free; to verify your email now, please follow the instructions
We ask all members for an email address so that we can send them notifications about their carpooling plans. Tanpool has an internal message system that members use to communicate with each other, so the only emails you will ever receive will be from Tanpool, and you run no risk of ever getting spam.
Please contact us, specifying the problem encountered.

D. My phone number »

Verifying your number is free and very fast, just follow the steps!

· Enter your mobile number on the verification page·
· You instantly receive a SMS containing a 4-digit code
· Enter this code on the verification page, validate it… and that's it!ow do I verify my phone number?
Having a verified mobile number is now mandatory if you wish to contact a driver, book a seat or offer a ride. It is a simple way of guaranteeing to the other members that your number is really valid, and that you will be reachable if necessary. It increases the level of reliability and trust within the community.

And of course, no other use will be made of your number: it will be never used for commercial purposes

E. My ID »

The Tanpool community is built on trust. To help build a reliable and trustworthy community, members are asked to complete a number of profile verifications.

To add an extra layer of security to Tanpool profiles, we introduced ID verification. By verifying your ID, you’ll increase your chances of getting people to carpool with. All other members will see you’ve verified your ID, and they’ll be more likely to choose to carpool with you!
You can verify either your passport or driving licence (full or provisional). Your ID will be verified by our third-party service provider and will not be shared with anyone else. Neither will the details be visible to other members; they will only see a tick on your profile photo and the label "ID verified’’ displayed on your profile. ?
To verify your ID on your Tanpool profile, you'll need to upload either your passport or driving licence (full or provisional).

If you're not yet a member, you first need to sign up on Tanpool, before verifying your ID. When creating your account, please ensure you enter your first name and last name as they appear on your ID. You can then go to ‘’Please verify your ID’’ in the ‘’Verifications’’ section of your profile.
If you're already a member, just go straight to ‘’Please verify your ID’’ in the ‘’Verifications’’ section of your profile on Tanpool.

Make sure you have your passport or driving licence to hand, so you can take a photo of your chosen ID (or upload an existing copy if you have one). Your chosen type of ID will then be submitted for verification to our third-party service provider. Once the check is complete your ID will be verified; a tick will be added to your profile photo and the label "ID verified’’ displayed on your profile
Verifying your ID adds an extra layer of trust to your profile and increases your chances of getting people to carpool with you. You can upload either your passport or driving licence (full or provisional).

The details of your ID are kept strictly confidential. They will only be verified by our third-party service provider and will not be shared with anyone else. Neither will Tanpool or our provider perform any background checks into your past, or into your personal or professional life.
What's more, your ID will not be visible to other people visiting your Tanpool profile. Other members will only see the words "ID verified’’ displayed on your profile.
When you upload your ID for verification (either your passport or driving licence), our third-party service provider will check that the name on your Tanpool profile matches the name on your ID. If this is the case, your ID will be verified.

The details of your ID are kept strictly confidential. They will only be verified by our third-party service provider and will not be shared with anyone else.
What's more your ID will not be visible to other members; they will only see the words "ID verified’’ displayed on your profile

F. My car »

Follow the steps to:

Add your number plate (we'll keep this confidential and it won't appear on your profile or rides offered) Pick the brand and a model from the list or type it in yourself
The more generic “type” of car you have The colour And finally the car’s registration date. It won’t take more than a minute or so!

You can also add or edit this information from your Profile. If you have any trouble, check and make sure what you’ve entered is correct. If you still can’t add your car, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Why should you add your car details?
To help give passengers a better idea of the experience travelling with you, and to add more security and trust for the members of our community.

If that doesn’t inspire you, remember, the more information you add about yourself and your car, the more likely people will be to want to travel with you.

G. Closing my account »

You can close your account by going to the Close my account page for your Profile.
It’s not possible to close your account on our apps right now, but the link above will take you to our mobile site.

We’ll be sad to see you go. However, if you would like to close your account because you weren’t able to solve a problem, these tips could help:
- Need to change your phone number or your email address? You can edit your profile.
- Got a technical issue? Please contact us.
- Want to stop receiving emails? You can edit your notifications.
- Unhappy with a rating you received? Please contact us (you won’t be able to sign up again if you close your account)

V.Posting rides

A. Offering a ride »
All you need to do is log in and tap Offer a ride then follow these steps:
- Enter where you’re leaving from and heading. Use your nearest station, or even your address.
- Add a few stopovers along the route.
- Choose the date, time, number of seats available, price and whether it’s a round trip.
- Decide how you want to accept bookings.
- Add any relevant info about your ride.
- Tap Post ride and you’re done!
You have just published your ride but cannot find it in search results?
Your ride is published and visible after only a few seconds even if it is still subject to moderation from our team.

Make sure that your ride is correct by checking directly on the Rides offered page:
Click "View ride" or "Edit" if needed.
It may be that your route does not appear at the top of the search results but is clearly visible in the following pages, particularly because the displayed search results are sorted by departure time.

Please note:
Your ride details are moderated by our services. So they will appear on your offer only once they have been approved.
Yes you can choose to help delivery a parcel or animal pet like dog or cat, when people looking for parcel delivery service Tanpool will require they strictly follow the rules of what kind of goods in parcel can not be shipped, as for you the driver, It is important to know that, you are solely responsible for the transport of the passengers and objects that are in your vehicle. For this reason, it is very important that you know who and what you are transporting, and to ask to open any luggage (bags, suitcases, parcels, etc) that you will accept in your vehicle. If they refuse to open the luggage or parcel then you have the full right to refuse to take the parcel and you will still get the money, below is the list of those parcel cant be acceptable to ship in your vehicle

Some everyday products can be dangerous when transported on the vehicle(aircraft). Please ensure the following prohibited hazardous materials are left at home:
Compressed Gas
Household Items
Lithium Batteries
Other Dangerous Items

B. Adding stopovers »
It is not mandatory to add stopover cities on the way, but we recommend you do so to increase your chances of finding passengers. If you offer a ride, there may not be as many passengers interested in the entire ride as there are passengers interested in one leg of the ride.
Example: You offer a ride from Seattle – los angeles.
By including a stopover in San francisco, a passenger searching for a ride from Seattle – San francisco or San francisco –Los angeles will see your ride in the search results.
In order to help you publish your ride, we provide suggestions to popular stopover cities along your route. Of course, you remain free to enter the stopovers of your choosing!
The easiest way is to enter the exact address of where you’d like to stop.
If you’re not too familiar with the town, we’ll suggest convenient places that are easy to go to by public transport. Alternatively, you can choose somewhere on a map.
Using the app? If you just enter the town name of the stopover, we’ll choose an ideal place to stop. From the overview of your ride, you can see where this place is exactly on a map and change it if you prefer.
When choosing where you’d like to meet passengers or drop them off for stopovers, keep in mind that toll stations on the motorway may be hard for passengers to reach.

C. Setting a price »
Once your ride is published, we offer a suggested price that automatically takes into account the distance and drive time of the trip and therefore the price of fuel for it.
We recommend a contribution per passenger on your rides. These suggestions help you set fair contributions for your rides (those most likely to get your seats filled!), but can still be adjusted within a margin of our recommendation.

We help you with the price to make it easy to share your costs, but also to prevent people from profiting from carpooling. Because our value is help people save cost in their journey, not making profit, so normally we suggest driver charge 20% less than other public transportation methods like bus and train or even airplane.
We opted for a fixed price per seat, which helps make finding a ride even easier and more efficient.
D. Editing my ride »
You want to make changes to your ride: departure date, number of seats, ride details, or the booking mode you offer?

You can quickly and easily change your offer by visiting the Rides offered tab, accessible from your Dashboard. You can also access the drop down menu by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of your screen.

You will find the list of all your rides, and you can easily:
  • Duplicate an offer
  • Publish your return trip
  • View ride
  • Manage or Edit your ride
Warning: If you already have bookings in progress, you will not be able to make certain changes. You can only change the:
  • Booking mode
  • Ride details
  • Number of seats available
E. Booking requests »

If you've decided to publish your ride offer with Manual Approval, passengers interested in your ride can make a booking request online.

With this booking mode, you must approve or decline the passenger's request by responding to the alert sent to you by Tanpool.


When you receive the passenger's booking request, you can respond to the SMS by writing YES to approve or NO to decline (+ code indicated in our SMS).

By email:

Follow the link to approve or decline the booking request.

On the site:

All information is available in your Notifications, accessible via the Dashboard.

You can also consult the profile of the passenger who has made the booking request.

You have 6 hours to respond before the booking request expires and must therefore be sufficiently reactive not to miss out on booking requests.

Once a booking is confirmed, the number of available seats shown on your ride offer is automatically updated and you receive the passenger's contact details by email and SMS. Then all you need to do is get in touch with the passenger and confirm the final details of the ride!

A. Leaving ratings »

Tanpool is a community built on trust. And ratings are at the heart of ensuring it!

Leaving a rating is your chance to give other members at least a general idea what it’s like to travel with someone.

What’s an easy way to get a rating? Leaving one for the other member first! Give more ratings. Get more ratings. Have more members wanting to travel with you.

They’re a great way to improve your Experience Level too!

A. Leaving ratings »

You can leave a rating 24 hours after the ride from your Profile. If you delete the notification by accident, follow the link in the email we sent inviting you to leave a rating after the ride.

First time leaving a rating? Here are a couple of tips:

- Choose whether the person you’re rating was the driver or passenger.

- Select the adjective that best describes your experience.

- Add a few personal words about the person’s promptness or music taste.

If you want to share something that didn’t go well, just try and be as objective as possible. And, if it’s something you feel uncomfortable writing in a rating, you can always contact us.

B. Getting ratings »

It’s not possible to see ratings before leaving one. Ensuring that members can be totally honest when writing a rating.

Previously, members were hesitant about leaving negative ratings because they thought they’d receive one in return.

Due to only being able to see ratings that you receive after leaving one, you can be sure that they’re totally reliable and that members can give an honest opinion about how the ride went. Ratings are all about being transparent.

No one wants to get a negative rating. We get that! But we can only take discriminatory or insulting ratings down.

Received a “Good”, “Poor” or “Very disappointing” and feel unhappy about it? You have 14 days to reply to the rating. We post this reply on your Profile, right under the rating you received. Your reply will give other members more of an idea about what happened.

No one wants to get a negative rating. We get that! But we can only take discriminatory or insulting ratings down.

Received a “Good”, “Poor” or “Very disappointing” and feel unhappy about it? You have 14 days to reply to the rating. We post this reply on your Profile, right under the rating you received. Your reply will give other members more of an idea about what happened.

VIII.About Tanpool
A.Questions about Tanpool »

Carpooling and sending parcel with Tanpool is the future of travel. save money save time better travel experience.

Why go to a station to start your journey when you can leave from your neighbourhood? Why enter the city centre when you want to escape to the beach? Why drive alone?

Carpooling is people travelling together in small groups. It saves time. It saves money. And often it’s even a fun way to get where you want to go.

No, so far we only focus on the market in United States, probably in the future we will expand to other country.

Passport ,driver licence and any other kind of government issued document

C. Other questions & concerns »

We are a company with very high ambitions, and the rate at which we are growing can quickly lead to a serious need for more recruitment.

Since we give priority to those who are already familiar with our website and its function, we tend to publish new job postings directly on our website. You are welcome to see what is available by clicking on the following link: We’re Hiring!

Please feel free to regularly check out our latest job postings as they change frequently, you might just find the one you are perfect for!

Just come up with a bright idea on how Tanpool can be even better? We want to hear it. You can tell us all about it here! There’s no such thing as a bad idea. So fire away! We take every idea and piece of feedback from our members on board. Who knows? Yours could be our next brand spanking new feature!

First things first, we’re sorry about that! Second of all, write to us through our Contact form so we can fix it ASAP. 

Before contacting us, here are a couple of solutions:

- Check your internet connection. Sometimes restarting your router does the trick!

- Make sure you’re using the latest version of our app.

- Clear browsing data, history, cookies, cache if you’re on the web.

- Turn off your ad-blocker or VPN if you’re using one.

Still got the same issue? Feel free to add as many details as possible. Screenshots and error messages always help.

(4).How can I trust another member?

Tanpool is a community based on trust. Members add photos, bios and exchange ratings, helping you get to know a bit more about them before you travel.

Will my passengers turn up on time? Is this member a good driver? Ratings give you an idea of what it’s like travelling with someone before you even step foot in the car! 

We also do our bit by verifying phone numbers, emails and ID.

Head here for more info about our community based on trust.

IX.Safety & insurance
A. Insurance »

Yes, no specific car insurance is required beyond the mandatory insurance (Third Party Liability). In case of any accident, all passengers will be covered by the driver’s mandatory TPL.

Tanpool provides a service connecting drivers with passengers – where motoring costs are shared and no profit is made by the driver – as such, you are covered by your own insurance already when you carpool with Tanpool

Drivers with any concern are encouraged to check directly with their car insurer, as terms and conditions of individual car insurance providers may vary over time.

Yes, injuries caused to passengers are covered by your mandatory car insurance, as part of Third Party Liability.

B. Incidents on the road »

Carpooling has shown to increase safety on the road. Due to the fact that several people are concentrated on the road at the same time, accidents are extremely rare.

However, if such an incident were to occur, the driver is responsible for their passengers and it is their insurance that covers all occupants of the vehicle.

Carpooling is no different from any other ride in regards to how the insurance of the driver covers the occupants of the vehicle in case of an accident.

In case of an accident, the driver should always do as much as they can to facilitate the next steps for their passengers, including communicating the details of their insurance policy.

Of course, it is also important to contact us so that our team can offer you a suitable response and provide any necessary assistance

C. Trust & Safety »

course. Drive safely and calmly, remain focused on the road and don’t be careless. Arrive on schedule at the agreed location and drop passengers off at a suitable and agreed location (not by the side of the motorway or in the middle of nowhere!). To ensure everyone’s comfort, do not overfill a car, especially if passengers have luggage.

Passengers: A carpool is not your own personal taxi, so do not arrive late, cancel at the last minute or make any outrageous demands (e.g. a 45 minute detour). Do not try to negotiate the price that has already been agreed. Respect driver’s preferences about things like music and smoking, leaving their car clean and tidy.

Stay safe by controlling what you can. Like seatbelts! Make sure everyone has one (and uses it). Here are simple ways to stay safe:

I’m a passenger

- Put your luggage in the boot, not on the rear window shelf.

- If you’re travelling with young ones, check these rules to see if you need a child seat. It’s your responsibility, don’t assume the driver will have one.

- Offer to share the wheel, if you have a licence.

- Talk by all means, but don’t distract the driver.

I’m a driver

- Don’t use your phone! Your passengers can set up the sat nav, you can take calls hands-free.

- Take a break every two hours.

- Travelling at night? Make sure you rest and take a nap before travelling.

- Make sure your vehicle is insured

- Check your tyre pressure, oil, water, brakes, headlights, window wipers.

- Respect all traffic laws.

A driver is responsible for everything in the vehicle. This includes luggage that belongs to their passengers.

A driver therefore has the right to open and check their passengers’ luggage. Just as a passenger can ask to see the driver’s licence or insurance.

We recommend that everyone labels their luggage to avoid any mixups.

If there are any issues with the authorities during the ride, please contact us right away.

If you notice anyone not using the BlaBlaCar site or app as they should, you can report them from their Profile, Messages or Ride. Just tap Report this member.

Select the reason why you’re reporting this member and provide as many details as possible. Our team will then take care of you and help in any way we can. We’ll also be able to take necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

If something unfortunate happened during a ride, you can also leave a rating, as a way of sharing your experience with the rest of the community.

You can also contact us directly about any bad experiences you have with another member.